How to be the Hostess with the Mostess this Holiday Season!

Bringing friends and family together from afar during the holidays can be so joyous yet so stressful for the host! If you have guests staying with you at your Alexan Heartwood apartment home this holiday season, keep reading for our tips on how you can be the hostess with the mostess! 


Tip number one is to build up your pantry in anticipation of your guest’s arrival! Nothing interrupts good conversation like needing to run to the grocery store. So prior to your guests arriving, take a trip to the grocery store to stock up on pantry essentials like crackers, chips, dry pasta, and jarred sauces so you can spend more time making memories and less time in the kitchen! Brownie points if you pick up your guest’s favorite sweet treat or chips!


Having people in your home can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, so our second tip is to establish a cleaning routine. Instead of allowing an entire day of cleaning to consume you, break it down, Monday is for the bathroom, Tuesday is for vacuuming, and so on! This will help keep your space tidy for your company to enjoy without sacrificing quality time!


Get the party started with tip number three, keep guests entertained by playing music, and have games and activities for them to participate in! Nothing gets people feeling holly and jolly quite like a holiday playlist, but remember not to play music too loud, you wouldn’t want to disrupt your neighbors! Games can keep your visitors occupied while you finish up in the kitchen! Pull out your old board games, or simply set out a deck of cards, we guarantee they’ll be entertained for hours! 


Our fourth and final tip is to make a list for yourself! You can easily get sidetracked with good conversation and forget to pull the ham out of the oven or to light the candles on the dining table! Write down all of your to-dos and cross them off as you accomplish each task!

Although hosting can be a stressful job, it is also so rewarding! Don’t get caught up in the craziness and forget to enjoy the company of your loved ones! As always, please gather responsibly, by meeting outdoors or keeping groups small and social-distanced whenever possible. Always check your local mandates as well for updated rules, restrictions, and suggestions on social gatherings during COVID. Stay up to date with all of Alexan Heartwood’s most recent happenings by following us on Facebook and Instagram!