Issaquah History Tour: A Guide to Some of Our Favorite Landmarks & Cultural

Sometimes it can be fun to be a tourist in your own city! In this blog post, we’ll be talking about some of our favorite landmarks and cultural sites that have shaped Issaquah into the place we love to call home! We promise this won’t be like your typical history lesson, keep reading to join us on our history tour!

The Issaquah History Museum offers a Downtown History Hike where a guide will walk you through the history of Issaquah beginning with the Native Americans who at the time called it “Squak” due to the many water birds that frequented the land. You’ll learn about Issaquah when only 1,000 people called it home and the impact transportation had on its growth. Make sure to get your tickets online, advance registration is required!

Just a few miles south of Downtown Issaquah, sits Tiger Mountain which at one point was the site of a  booming coal mine. Now, the Issaquah History Museum is offering Historic Tiger Mountain Mine Hikes which takes you to the exact spot miners, bootleggers, and scallawags once walked! Hear true tales and stories of the coal miners that once worked tirelessly on this mountain!

To take a deep dive into Issaquah’s past by visiting the Gilman Town Hall Museum. Built in 1886, this structure in itself is rich with history but where the true history lesson happens is inside where you can view photographs, artifacts, and interactive elements that tell the story of Issaquah’s history!

Visit the Issaquah Depot Museum, located at the original Issaquah Depot to learn about the rich history of this former railway station that was built in 1889. Explore the industrial revolution, travel, communication, and early economic development of Issaquah through interactive elements including a telegraph! 

Every year, The City of Issaquah Arts Commission presents the Issaquah International Film Festival, showcasing some of the world’s best films! Enjoy a blend of family favorites, lesser-known indie films, and new ones that have yet to be seen!

Although oftentimes we’re too caught up in our busy lives to stop and admire the history that surrounds us, we encourage you to take the time to learn more about the early beginnings of this town we get to call home! Don’t forget to stay up to date with all of Alexan Heartwood’s most recent happenings by following us on Facebook and Instagram!