Return to the Stage at the Village Theater

Return to the Stage at the Village Theater

True, movies and TV shows are often everyone’s first choice for visual entertainment, but there’s no experience quite as immerse or unique as watching a live performance on stage. Return to the stage at the Village Theater. Whether you’re a fan of big, bombastic Broadway shows, or you prefer the quiet and intimate drama of a one-act play, our luxury apartments allow you to enjoy both within arms’ reach of your comfort zone. Home is waiting for you at Alexan Heartwood.

Village Theater in Issaquah

Right now, the Village Theater is preparing for a huge return, featuring four exciting shows for the beginning of the 2022 season for folks longing to return to live shows. Their Issaquah theater is only two miles away from our luxury apartments, so all it takes is a quick seven-minute drive to get to your seat. If you’d like, you can also save on parking by taking the handy bus route off of 9th Ave.

Shows and Seats for Everyone

The Village Theater in Issaquah performs a wide variety of stage productions for all ages, ranging from child-friendly musicals featuring classic characters like Charlie Brown, to serious Tony-winning dramas and one-act plays. They also offer special performances for all their plays, such as ASL and captioned performances as well as opening/closing night specials.

Encourage Aspiring Actors

Finally, the Village Theater offers summer courses for kids of all ages to tap into their inner thespian, even if they have no prior theater experience. There are dozens of classes available, such as foundational acting courses, singing and dancing courses for older students, and more.

Experience some of the best theater performances right from home at Alexan Heartwood with a return to the stage at the Village Theater. Sign up for a tour of our Issaquah luxury apartments and visit the Village Theater before the 2022 season starts.