Sunset Alehouse in Issaquah

Sunset Alehouse in Issaquah

Celebrate your move to pure comfort at Alexan Heartwood with a pint at the Sunset Alehouse in Issaquah. Not only can you enjoy a new luxury apartment at Alexan Heartwood, but all the Issaquah fan favorites are close to home. So grab your friends and toast your good luck with your move to Alexan Heartwood.

Hot Spots near Alexan Heartwood

Add the Sunset Alehouse to your list of go-to spots perfect for any occasion. Offering new interpretations on classics like burgers, soups, and salads, Sunset Alehouse has something on the menu for everyone. So even if all you want to do is relax and drink with friends, there’s a spot for you here.

Sunset Alehouse

Delicious is easy at Sunset Alehouse. In their own words, “We specialize in high-quality food and great service. Superior quality, unsurpassed value, and correct service in an alehouse setting! We do have lots of TVs tuned to sports, but we keep the stereo on rock and roll. Our menu has good variety, and the regional stuff is correct. The Philly cheesesteak has cheese whiz on it, and the “keepin’ it real” burrito is authentic.”

Issaquah Fan Favorites

Their fans are talking too. Isabel W. shares on Yelp, “Great neighborhood spot! They recently expanded their outdoor seating due to covid, and it’s quite enjoyable for a summer evening. My family has enjoyed coming to sunset for years – a great array of solid and varied options to satisfy everyone.”

Celebrate your new luxury apartment at Alexan Heartwood with dinner and drinks at Sunset Alehouse in Issaquah. Then, start living the lifestyle you deserve today!